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cosmopak built our ecoforward resource library to help clients understand the various sustainable packaging solutions available to them. There are several things to consider when deciding on eco-friendly packaging and our team is here to provide insight and guidance throughout that journey. 

From material type to sustainable objective, we have you covered. Additionally, brands can choose to take immediate and measurable action on plastic waste by joining our plastic bank offset partnership program.

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by material type


Make the swap to plant-based materials like coffee, straw, rice, corn husk, bamboo, and sugarcane.

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Infinitely recycle, refill and reuse readily available glass packaging, without losing quality.

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Go renewable, biodegradable and recyclable with lightweight FSC certified paper.

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Reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint by using post consumer resin (PCR).

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Join the circular movement with infinitely recyclable, refillable and reusable metal packaging.

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Utilize natural, renewable, biodegradable wood from recycling centers or forest management organizations to replace resin inputs.

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by sustainable objective

mono material

Select recyclable or pcr mono material components to encourage consumers to recycle and reduce waste.

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Create sustainable packaging using refillable technology evolving around several routes: cartridge, bulk, and return.

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Return renewable materials to the earth while reducing plastic pollution to water.

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by offset

offset plastic

Help prevent plastic from entering oceans by participating in the plastic bank offset program.

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offset plastic production with plastic bank program

cosmopak partners with plastic bank and encourages clients to participate in plastic offsets to help reduce their plastic footprint.

sample ecoforward packaging

sample ecoforward packaging

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