mono material packaging

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Enable and encourage recycling with mono material.

Some traditional cosmetic products are composed of several types of materials, often reducing the chances of it being recycled. A single wire coil in a pump, or different type of plastic in a cap will cause a component to get rejected by recycling plants. Utilizing mono material in the product design makes it easier for consumer to recycle entire components.

cosmopak ecoforward mono material

key benefits of mono material

  • maximize recyclability potential

  • familiar function and feel

  • increase sustainability by combining with PCR

cosmopak ecoforward mono material

mono material resin


ecoforward biodegradable paper pulp compact

non-resin mono material

paper, aluminum, sugarcane

common mono material packaging questions

what is mono material packaging?

Mono material packaging only utilizes one type of material, making it easier to recycle by removing the need to disassemble.

does mono material mean recyclable?

No. Mono material will still need to use recyclable material in order to be considered recyclable.

what are your moqs and lead times?

Our typical moq starts at 15k, but can vary depending on specific component types. 


Our turnaround time varies and depends on several factors including quantity, deco, fill, additional customizations, shipping, etc. For the most accurate estimate on turnaround time, please contact us with specific project details and our team will be more than happy to provide more insight.

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