How can we help? There’s a lot we can do.


– let’s start from scratch

From creative and art direction to design and formulation, whether your taste is sweet or salty, your aesthetic elegant or edgy, your vision classic or funky, we bring our entire team’s knowledge of beauty packaging and formulation to the table so you can perfect your concept.

– beauty is an art

Design is how we create your masterpiece. When it comes to designing showstopping products and packaging, our resident team wears your brand’s hat to paint you a picture. We use lots of mediums: renderings, drawings, sketches, and trend presentations are just a few of the ways our designers illustrate what’s possible.


product development
– pulling it all together

The best products push the boundary of what’s possible, and we’re comfortable living on the edge, because the best brands do too. Our engineering, development and design folks work hand in hand to make sure everything goes right. 

Formulas that are clean, pigmented, and hydrating? Combined with packaging that is eco-friendly, ergonomic, and innovative? We’ll make it happen.

– the main ingredient

Did you like chemistry class in high school? We certainly did, so leave the science to us. Our team is at the forefront of trends, and we know how to translate these trends into fabulous formulas. From niacinamide to high shine pearls, from makeup to skincare, from Korea to New Jersey (how exciting!) we formulate around the world so your product come out exactly as you imagined.

Cosmopack Services Formulation

– practice makes perfect

Behind the scenes of every beauty brand is a less glamorous, but equally important story. Our network of suppliers and us go way back, and these long-standing relationships allow us to manufacture all over the world based on your needs, to the highest quality standards, on time and on budget. Our QC operations, and production teams headquartered in New York and Shanghai are real sticklers for process, quality and timeliness. We are not into being fashionably late.

- right on time

We’ll make sure you don’t miss the boat. Get it? We’ll get your stuff where it needs to be, and help coordinate everything from raw materials to bottom labels. FOB? DDP? LDP? Customs? Taxes? Packing methods? LCL? FCL? There’s a lot of moving parts – don’t sweat it – we are good at juggling.

Cosmopack Services Logistic