Start to finish, we're here to help.

Whether you're just getting started or well-established, our knowledgeable in-house team supports your team where needed.

– let’s start from scratch

From art direction to design and formulation, our experienced team’s extensive knowledge of beauty packaging and product development will help you perfect your concept from beginning to end.


– beauty is an art

Using a variety of methods like 3D renderings, drawings, sketches, trend presentations and more, we collaborate with you to design show-stopping products and custom packaging.

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product development
– pulling it all together

Our engineering, development and design folks work together to ensure everything goes right. Striking the perfect balance between formulation and packaging, we also offer guidance on suitable eco-friendly and ergonomic packaging.


– the main ingredient

Our in-house formulators stay at the forefront of trends and translate them into fabulous creations. We work with the best labs, both domestically and globally to enhance or develop custom high-quality formulas for your brand.


– practice makes perfect

Our long-standing relationships with our network of suppliers allow us to manufacture all over the world. Regardless of your needs, we produce the highest quality standards—keeping on time and on budget.


- right on time

We help you avoid the logistical nightmares and costly mistakes by getting your product exactly where it needs to be. From raw materials to bottom labels, we’ll coordinate everything and track all the moving parts. Don’t worry, we have you covered and will keep you informed every step of the way.

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