metal packaging

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Increase recyclability potential with metal packaging.

Metals like aluminum and tin packaging has it perks. Not only are metals 100% recyclable, but they can be recycled infinitely. Along with durable quality, aluminum, tin and steel provide a combination of high strength, lighter weight compared to glass, and corrosion resistance.

key benefits of metal

  • infinitely recyclable and reusable

  • durable, corrosion resistance

  • lightweight compared to glass

  • versatile decorative capabilities


bottles, tubes, compacts, sticks


cans, compacts, jars, boxes

common metal packaging questions

what types of metal packaging do you provide?

cosmopak provides aluminum, tin, and steel cosmetic packaging

do you offer mono material metal components?

Yes, cosmopak provides mono aluminum cosmetic components, like our refillable aluminum deodorant stick and 100% metal compact.

what are your moqs and lead times?

Our typical moq starts at 15k, but can vary depending on specific component types. 


Our turnaround time varies and depends on several factors including quantity, deco, fill, additional customizations, shipping, etc. For the most accurate estimate on turnaround time, please contact us with specific project details and our team will be more than happy to provide more insight.

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