biomaterial packaging

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Make the swap to plant-based materials.

Rapidly advancing bioplastic technology is reducing the need for petroleum-based plastics, especially for tubes and blow molded components. Biomaterial resins made from renewable resources like coffee, straw, rice, corn husk, bamboo, sugarcane and more have chemical properties identical to PE.  

key benefits of biomaterial

  • uses renewable inputs

  • reduces petroleum-based inputs

  • familiar function and feel 

  • can be biodegradable or recyclable

cosmopak bio-resin tube with brush applicator

biobased materials

sugarcane, bamboo, coffee, starches, etc.

biodegradable materials

bio-based and biodegradable

common biomaterial packaging questions

what is biomaterial packaging?

Biomaterial packaging is made from plant-based resin rather than plastic or other traditional materials.

are all biomaterial packaging types biodegradable?

Depending on the type, some biomaterials are biodegradable and others need to be composted at special compost plants.

cosmopak’s renewable paper pulp compact, made with sugarcane byproduct and certified paper fiber, can be composted safely in any compost bin.

what are your moqs and lead times?

Our typical moq starts at 15k, but can vary depending on specific component types. 


Our turnaround time varies and depends on several factors including quantity, deco, fill, additional customizations, shipping, etc. For the most accurate estimate on turnaround time, please contact us with specific project details and our team will be more than happy to provide more insight.

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