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Reduce waste with recycled textiles.

Recycled fabric textiles offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative in the production of fashion and cosmetic accessories. These textiles include recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and recycled cotton. The benefits of using recycled fabric textiles include reducing the demand for virgin materials, minimizing waste and pollution, and lowering the carbon footprint of the fashion industry. Additionally, recycled fabric textiles often have a similar quality and durability to virgin materials, making them a viable choice for creating stylish and functional makeup and fashion bags that are environmentally conscious.

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key benefits of recycled textiles

  • reduces waste

  • conserves resources

  • contributes to a circular economy

  • similar feel and function to virgin materials


recycled plastic specifically removed from beaches


any post-consumer recycled plastic

common plastic offset questions

Who is cosmopak's offset plastic partner?

cosmopak partners with Plastic Bank. Plastic Bank was founded in May 2013 by David Katz and Shaun Frankson to help prevent plastic from entering the ocean.

What does plastic bank do? How does it work?

Plastic Bank identifies vulnerable coastlines across the world that need plastic collection infrastructure, empowers local entrepreneurs to establish collection branches in convenient locations, helps gather collection communities together and stops plastic before it enters the ocean. Collected plastic exchanged at the collection branches offers life-improving benefits and ethical income to community members that help them transcend poverty. These include access to health, work and life insurance, digital connectivity and fintech services. Members are registered through the blockchain-secured PlasticBank® app that records every transaction, enables traceable collection, secures income, and verifies reporting.

What happens to the plastic after it's collected?

The plastic collected through plastic bank collection branches is delivered to their processing partners for reprocessing into feedstock, which is reused in manufacturing products and packaging by the world’s most progressive companies, like cosmopak.

How do I join the plastic offset program?

You can work directly with Plastic Bank, or another plastic offset partner of your choice, or contact cosmopak to facilitate the onboarding process during the manufacturing of your goods.

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