biodegradable packaging

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Return materials to the earth without additional waste.

Some biodegradable packaging can be composed in nature bins outdoors, but others must be returned to certain facilities that biodegrade with chemicals. Using components that biodegrades naturally helps eliminate ocean and landfill waste.

key benefits of biodegradable material

  • reduces plastic pollution to water

  • better for landfills

  • often compostable

  • uses renewable resources

  • reduces carbon footprint

cosmopak ecoforward biodegradable jar

bio-based resins

familiar feel and performance to traditional resin

ecoforward biodegradable paper pulp compact

paper & bio-based fibers

modern approach to new technologies

common biodegradable packaging questions

what is biodegradable packaging?

Biodegradable packaging is any packaging that will naturally break down from microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and algae.

what are common types of biodegradable packing?

Common types of biodegradable packaging are cardboard, paper and bio-based polymers.

what's the difference between biodegradable and compostable packaging?

Both biodegradable and compostable materials are designed to safely return to the earth. Biodegradable materials are made to decompose in landfills, whereas compostable materials replenish the soil with nutrients and need certain composting conditions.

what are your moqs and lead times?

Our typical moq starts at 15k, but can vary depending on specific component types. 


Our turnaround time varies and depends on several factors including quantity, deco, fill, additional customizations, shipping, etc. For the most accurate estimate on turnaround time, please contact us with specific project details and our team will be more than happy to provide more insight.

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