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Every year, cosmopak launches cosmetic packaging and turnkey beauty collections aimed to delight and inspire. All products are designed and developed in-house by our creative teams and can be used as a starting point for brands seeking speed-to-market development solutions. 

All items are 100% customizable and most are available in additional shapes and sizes. Explore our cosmetic packaging and turnkey beauty collections below and contact us to chat about how our services and our products can support your next project.

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waves of beauty packaging

2024-2025 packaging collection

The waves of beauty packaging collection showcases a variety of innovative bottles, sticks, tubes, vials, and airless pumps. Emphasizing ecoforward materials like aluminum, glass, and mono-materials, most of our packaging offers sustainable options to help brands reduce waste and environmental impact.

cosmopak waves of beauty packaging collection highlight
cosmopak waves of beauty accessory collection bags vertical

waves of beauty accessories

2024-2025 accessory collection

The waves of beauty accessories collection includes custom-designed bags by cosmopak’s creative team, showcasing our expertise in design and functionality. Ecoforward materials such as cotton, Tyvek, and bio-based PU are used, with all options available in a recycled textile material.

rooted in beauty turnkey

2023-2024 turnkey collection

The rooted in beauty turnkey collection features a sample of body care, skincare and color cosmetic products to help inspire clients on trending packaging and fresh formulations.

2023 cosmopak rooted in beauty turnkey collection
cosmopak rooted in beauty packaging collection

rooted in beauty packaging

2023-2024 packaging collection

The rooted in beauty packaging collection features a diverse selection of materials, including glass, metal, wood, paper, PCR, and biomaterials. With an emphasis on reducing waste and environmental impact, this collection also includes refillable, mono-material, and biodegradable options to cater to the varied needs of beauty brands.

rooted in beauty accessories

2023-2024 accessory collection

The rooted in beauty accessory collection features a wide range of stylish and functional products including large cosmetic bags, pencil cases, mini totes, and belt packs. Made from high-quality materials such as tinted PVC, natural wax canvas, neoprene, and underglass polyester shearling, our collection offers both durability and style. 

beauty in bloom

2022-2023 turnkey collection

The beauty in bloom turnkey collection features a variety of products across color cosmetics, skincare, personal care and self care categories. Also included are beauty accessories and soft goods.

let's nurture

2022-2023 packaging collection

cosmopak’s let’s nurture packaging collection features a variety of classic and modern materials, most of which include a sustainable story. The collection includes paper, aluminum, glass, ceramic, refillable and more. 

let's play

2021-2022 turnkey collection

cosmopak’s let’s play mascara collection features nine turnkey mascaras with formulas ranging from clean compliant to high performance. The collection includes a variety of wand types to achieve looks from natural to ultra dramatic. All vials and caps are pcr.

let's indulge

2021-2022 skincare packaging collection

cosmopak’s let’s indulge packaging collection provides cosmetic packaging solution ideas for skincare and bodycare products. The components include sustainable options like glass, pcr, recycle-friendly mono-materials and refillable solutions.

let's vibe

2021-2022 cosmetic packaging collection

cosmopak’s let’s vibe packaging collection offers cosmetic packaging solution ideas for lip, eye and face products and includes sustainable options like glass, PCR, recycle-friendly mono-materials and refillable components.


2020-2021 turnkey collection

cyberglam by cosmopak is a clean-compliant, thoughtful skincare and high-quality pigmented makeup line. It flirts with nostalgia while dreaming of tomorrow.

mindful collection

2019-2020 turnkey collection

The mindful collection by cosmopak includes cosmetic components and brushes featuring bioresin, recyclable paper palettes, and CBD products.

clean beauty

2019-2020 turnkey collection

The clean beauty collection by cosmopak includes 100% recycled and recyclable lipsticks, jars, vials and pumps.

terra collection

2019-2020 packaging collection

The terra collection by cosmopak includes eco-friendly solutions featuring refillable jars and airless pumps.

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