2020 clean beauty turnkey collection

cyberglam is a virtual world to experience modern beauty. It’s Glossier meets Euphoria but with everyday wear. It’s hyperreal but also dreamy and soft. It’s balmy, thoughtful skincare and high-quality pigmented makeup. It flirts with nostalgia while dreaming of tomorrow. cyberglam looks towards the future where sci-fi becomes sci-real.

Explore the collection below and contact us for more details.

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tomorrow’s liquid lip balm

hybrid alert! this liquid lip balm provides the shine of a gloss and nourishment of a lip balm

features & benefits

  • plant-based hydration
  • ultimate cushion and silky wear on the lips
  • 0% stickiness, great alternative to classic lip gloss
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synth lipstick

downloading smiles, one lip application at a time


  • pink trip
  • red pill
  • labyrinth


features & benefits

  • go-to lipstick for everyday use
  • highly saturated with color, comfortable on  the lips, all-day wear
  • minimal transfer
  • long-term moisturization and improvement of lip texture


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sun halo bronzer

not only does this skin-loving liquid bronzer made skin glow and appear sun-kissed, it stimulates brain pleasure areas like chocolate does

features & benefits

  • conditions skin and retains moisture
  • transfer resistant and long-lasting
  • skincare actives for maskne prevention
  • plumps skin and reduces look of wrinkles
  • guards skin against blue-light exposure
  • helps prevent dry skin, relieve discomfort and loss of firmness
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starry-eyed lip gloss

a gloss that looks like a piece of the galaxy with packed pearls and reflects. try our original red shade or our silver with added lip plumping


  • milk bar
  • laserbeam


features & benefits

  • plant-based emollient gives high shine and cushion feeling to lips
  • high pearl load for intense sparkle
  • long wear time and water resistant
  • milkbar shade features added natural lip plumpers


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cosmopak_cyberglam_space bananas brightener._fg-tk-060_VP-G232

space bananas brightener

swipe this under-eye brightener on for a hyper-speed refreshed "slept-well" look! color correcting pearls and plant-based actives like banana banish dark circles, fine lines and puffiness


  • peach prismatica
  • green moon


features & benefits

  • plant-based oils condition skin and lighten dark circles
  • soothes and calms skin
  • reduces under eye bags and puffiness and diminishes eyelid creases and rough texture
  • corrects color and brightens skin
  • boosts microcirculation and melanin production, decreasing fluid retention and firms orbital area
  • can be worn alone or under concealer as an eyeshadow primer


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solar lux lip oil

a lip oil enriched with luxurious plant oils that transforms lips from dry and damaged to plump and luscious while providing a protective shield of high-shining color

features & benefits

  • perfect gloss/oil hybrid
  • comfortable, high shine without notorious sticky feeling
  • plant-based conditioners high in vitamins and antioxidants
  • natural blue raspberry flavor
  • plumps lips and provides antioxidant coverage
  • helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and texture


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glitch concealer

this plush and creamy concealer is so pigmented and invisible you'll question if there was a glitch in the matrix

features & benefits

  • plant-based emollients, waxes and film formers
  • high load of pigments for intense coverage
  • 100% natural active extracts that provides a lifting effect
  • fights UV-induced stress and soothes inflamed skin
  • help prevents dry skin, relieve discomfort and loss of firmness


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dreamy stain

ever dreamed about lip color that is long-lasting, comfortable and 'clean'? This stain is it!


  • bubble gum warrior
  • space wine
  • retrograde


features & benefits

  • high load of pigment for saturation that lasts throughout the day
  • plant-based gelling agents and skin conditioners
  • plumps lips and boosts collagen
  • reduces dryness and boosts hydration
  • soothes and softens
  • helps prevent dry skin, relieve discomfort and loss of firmness


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cosmopak_cyberglam_cyber_psychedelia cream_fg-tk-063_CCP-H015

cyber psychedelia cream

these buildable and seamless cheek creams impart a dewy and fresh finish to all that they touch


  • orbit blush
  • hyperpearl highlighter


features & benefits

  • blends easily and wears comfortably
  • emollient plant-based waxes, skin conditioners and shine enhancers
  • plumps skin and provides antioxidant coverage
  • helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and texture


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body balm glider

provides glowy and hydrated skin at the speed of light


  • Endor: naturally tinted green by hemp seed and is high in vitamin E and fatty acids
  • Water Planet: naturally tinted blue with seaweed oil that helps firm and reduce the look of cellulite


features & benefits

  • highly moisturizing
  • retains moisture and penetrates the deepest layers of the skin
  • has antioxidant properties
  • leaves glistening finish on skin


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3, 2, 1 stick

3-in-1 hydrating blush, lip and eye stick for the ultimate on-the-go color and easy and dreamy monochromatic look.

features & benefits

  • conditions skin with plant-based oils
  • produces soft-focus blurring effect on skin
  • reduces inflammation and calms stressed-out-skin
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and texture
  • FDA pigments approved for lip, eye and cheek use


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