eco friendly

We understand the need for cosmetic packaging to be more sustainable. Cosmopak has three core principles to help your brand make a real difference.


We know the beauty industry wants to do the right thing for the environment. But there’s a catch. It also needs to be affordable and beautiful. We offer sustainable packaging options that are gorgeous and on-brand with tangible benefits for the environment. We launched 3 collections to show how it can work for you.

blue water

Using recycled inputs such as Polypropylene and PET instead of styrene, we created a line of packaging using as little virgin material as possible. We are taking the water bottles, yogurt cups and takeout containers you throw in the recycle bin every day and reworking them into vials, jars and pumps. By applying innovative decoration and manufacturing techniques. Let’s you create fantastic packaging while knowing your brand is helping save the oceans we share.


Did you know when you throw mixed plastics into the recycle bin, this contaminates most streams? We focused on using single (recycled and recyclable!) materials exclusively in a package and making products easy to disassemble. You can throw these in the recycle bin knowing you are making a difference moving beauty in a clean direction.


We totally get that packaging needs to make a statement. It should occupy a place of honor on consumers dressers and vanities. You can still have that luxurious packaging and by using refills use as little plastics as possible when the customer reorders. By applying recycled and recyclable materials to the refill cartridges, you can really get the best of both worlds.