rooted—packaging is an extension of the brand

Packaging’s primary role is utilitarian, protecting and conveying a product the way the developer intended, but at Cosmopak we understand that the best packaging also has a critical secondary role – to reinforce the values of a brand.  For example, a package design’s shape and color needs to be harmonious with the mother brand, or the advanced technology in a package might connote brand innovation.  In the case of Rooted, a Grove Collective brand, the packaging needed to authentically convey sustainability – which is at the heart of the Grove company’s purpose – a direct to consumer FMCG company with a commitment to the environment.

Cosmopak first caught the attention of the Rooted development team in March 2019 at MakeUp LA with the release of our new “environmentally conscious packaging” initiative where we announced a complete range of products based on 100% PCR packaging.  This was the first and most complete such offering on the marketplace and the culmination of a long-term strategic R&D program led by our engineering team.

The Grove team engaged Cosmopak with a challenge, develop a complete a line of products in 100% PCR and be ready to launch by November 2019…and we met the challenge, accelerating from back of envelope to front of shelf in just 9 months! 

Our relationship continues to this day and we have exciting new products in development that will build upon the work we started in 2019.