The team at Cosmopak loves to work with the most promising, emerging beauty brands.  Our goal has always been to simplify the path to market so that our customers can focus on building their next breakout brand. That ethos was as true when we were founded in the 90s as it is today.
Cosmopak has partnered with Urban Decay for two decades providing a wide range of different products from our portfolio across myriad categories including go-to hard goods like compacts, vials and tubes but also providing creative solutions in soft goods, including bags and boxes. Season after season Cosmopak has taken the creative lead to channel the look and feel of the Urban Decay brand to design and produce a wide range of soft goods, from small gift with purchase offerings to high utility make up and brush bags, delivering a library of products over the years that have proven very successful.
Recently Cosmopak was chosen to create a range of large format presentation vaults to commemorate Urban Decay’s 20 year anniversary – a great honor for our team after a long-standing partnership that has helped bring so many amazing ideas to life.
The presentation vaults were designed and engineered by Cosmopak’s in-house staff working closely with the team at Urban Decay. We recommended and delivered 8 color printing on metallic hot foil to bring the high-resolution digital imagery to life. The large format cases showcased the brand’s creativity and generate a ‘wow factor’ with the trade press and influencers showcasing the products like never before.